Why You Need a Gravatar

One of the things I’ve learned since I’ve become involved in social media is that it’s SUPER important to be recognised. You put a face to your Twitter, your Facebook, your Foursquare.. whatever it may be. It leaves a permanent impression. And we think, aah.. I remember you!

Reasons to sign-up for Gravatar.com?

  • Getting a Gravatar is 100% FREE and only takes about 5 minutes.
  • A Gravatar makes your comment stand out more. People can relate to you, because there’s a face. Human nature plays a big part in this. People are just more likely to remember you if there’s a face to your name. Also, people respond a lot better to faces than they do to faceless names.
  • Your comments will seem more credible and don’t end up in the Spam section quite as often. I don’t have proof for that BUT I know that a lot of serious comments on most sites end up in Spam that don’t have a Gravatar. I’ve only ever noticed ONE comment that had an avatar to end up in the Spam section.
  • A picture often says more than 1000 words and even though the picture is small it’s still an opportunity to show off your company logo, your face, product,  whatever it may be. You can even use funny pictures. Just something that makes you different from others.

Some tips for using your Gravatar:

  • Try to remember what Email address you registered. If you like to comment but use different Email addresses on different sites, register more than one Email address. (Yes, that’s possible! You don’t need more than one account for it!)
  • Remember, that your Gravatar will only appear if you used your Email address correctly!
  • If you are an individual, I recommend to use a nice picture of yourself.
  • If you represent a brand/company use the logo.
  • Don’t change your Gravatar too often. It’s irritating for people if you change it up too often.